Biology Essay

Writing Assignment: Essay

Answer any one of the following questions in an essay of approximately 150-250 words.

Answer ONE of the following:

1. Fruits are “expensive” for a plant to produce, in the sense that the plant must use a lot of nutrients, sugars, water and space to create something that the plant will ultimately “throw away.” Is it worth it (from the plant’s point of view)? Explain why.

2. Compare and contrast gymnosperms and angiosperms. Be sure to include details about their life cycle and reproduction. (In other words, don’t limit your essay to a mere description)

3. On the path from pollination to germination, there are many things that will slow down or delay the reproduction of a plant. Describe two or more of these delaying factors, and explain how each could actually be helpful to the plant species.

4. Describe one or more possible roles plants could play in the future of humanity. How are these roles different than what occurred in the past?

I’m answering the fourth question. One of the ways that plants can help us in the future is by providing food. What with the pandemic (that’s supposed to be killing us off like flies but it’s not and we’re still wearing masks and freaking out about something that only a teeny bit worse than the flu. What’s up with that?) we should be growing our own veggies and what not because 1) it’s very good for you to be out in the sun, 2) homegrown veggies are SO much better for you than store bought ones, and 3) everyone should get some dirt under their fingernails every once in a while. I don’t care how you do it. Yesterday I butchered a few quail by myself (first time. They didn’t look too bad) and it was actually kind of fun. Plucking quails is very soothing. It’s more soothing than a fidget spinner or stress ball or something. I would highly recommend it.

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