Biology Essay

Writing Assignment: Answer ONE of the following:

1. Someone says, “Soil is just dirt to hold the plant up.” Would you agree or disagree with this statement? (Note: It is possible to do either one.) Back up your opinion with facts taken from the video lessons, readings, or other sources. Present at least one counter-argument and your own response to the counter-argument.

2. Animals, and even the human body, have some well-known organ systems, for example the circulatory system and the nervous system. These systems have analogies in the plant kingdom. Choose one, and compare it to the system in the plant community. For example, how is the system of transporting nutrients in plants similar to the human or animal circulatory system? How are the two systems different. Use facts from the lessons or other sources to back up your viewpoint.

3. How do the laws of chemistry and physics affect a plant’s ability to obtain and transport nutrients? Use facts and examples from the lessons, readings, or other sources.

4. How does water move through the body of a plant? Plot the route, in general terms, from roots to leaves. Include all the major tissues, organs, and structures involved, and their role in the movement of water.

5. What are the main sugar sources and sugar sinks in a plant? How is it possible for some organs to be both a source and a sink at different times? How does sugar move through a plant from source to sink?

Hey guys, what’s up? I hope everyone is alright and not freezing to death or anything. Right now it’s so cold that water freezes on literally to everything.

I guess I’ll be answering the fifth question. What are the main sugar sources and sugar sinks in a plant? The main sugar sources in a plant are the leaves and the main sugar sinks in a plant are the roots.

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