How were adoption and inheritance related in Paul’s thought?

Writing Assignment: Write 500 words on this topic: “How were adoption and inheritance related in Paul’s thought?”

What’s up my people? I hope everyone is alright and not freezing or anything terrible like that. If you died, comment and let me know and I’ll comment some roses and a coffin on your blog. Maybe I’ll even give you a tombstone, if I can find one. I want y’alls thoughts on icicles. Do you think they’re dangerous? Are they a threat to civilization and mankind in general? Speaking of which, where do generals keep their armies? Up their sleevies!! I’m sorry, that was so terrible! But it’s kina funny to, you’ve got to admit it. Anyway, Happy Weekend! I hope everyone has a Happy Valentines Day. I’ll try to post a Valentines post on Sunday, but in the meantime here’s my post from last year: Valentine’s Day – Reflections of a Fern ( I was so little! Do you ever look back at pictures of yourself and you just can’t believe that it’s you. For example, this is me when I was little.

I don’t know when or where this picture was taken but it’s adorable and I’ve changed so much. This is me several weeks ago, right after I finally figured out that I can take a picture of me in the mirror. That’s why the shower curtain is in the backround.

Also, I’m looking down a little bit so it looks like my face is fatter than it actually is. I was so adorable when I was younger and I don’t believe that I’m ugly now but I was definitely more beautiful when I was younger.

Also, that’s a very fake smile. Alright, I don’t look like that at all. I’ll stop making excuses now. I should be writing the essay but this, my children, is called procrastinating and is in fact frowned upon in most societies. But unfortunately I must do work and work is almost never a pleasant thing. But one must do it so I’ll stop wasting my time and get on with the essay.
So our question today is: How were adoption and inheritance related in Paul’s thought? Well, I’m taking this from the Bible, mostly Ephesians to be exact. Adoption is a wonderful thing. If a couple can’t have children, they can always adopt and if a child doesn’t have it’s parents, it’ll be accepted into a new family. Inheritance… I wouldn’t know anything about. I’ve never inherited anything in my life. No money, jewelry, books, nothing. But that’s alright. I don’t want to inherit anything because that means that the person I got it from is dead and that’s no good. Anyway, inheritance is sort of like adoption to my way of thinking because the thing that is to be given to someone else lost it’s ‘parent’ or the person who it belonged to. It is now in the hands of a new owner and it will most likely be loved and given a place in the home.
Thank you for reading all the way down here. Or maybe you didn’t even read but just scrolled down here, hoping for a video or some such. I’m sorry to disappoint you but this is it for this essay. Have a great day and God bless you.

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    1. I know right? They’re more dangerous than you or I suspect and they’re even more scary now that anyone can find and use one. WHY AREN’T THESE TERRIFYING THINGS KEPT UNDER CONTROL?!

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